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Wilson Fierce Team Teal Pickleball Paddle

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Ideal for beginners and occasional players venturing into the world of pickleball, Wilson's Fierce Team Teal Pickleball Paddle ensures a confident start on the court. Its hybrid shape combines the best features of both paddle types, providing the control and expanded sweet spot of a wide body, along with the added power of an elongated paddle. The polypropylene honeycomb core effectively dampens vibrations, enhancing feel, while the 13mm fibreglass face allows for comfortable, consistent shots. This paddle is a fantastic choice for those seeking their first pickleball paddle, offering a well-balanced mix of power and control. Explore the Wilson Fierce range, a collection tailored for beginner-to-intermediate players in search of a comfortable, all-around pickleball paddle.

Head Size: 465 sq cm
Weight: 234g
Length: 40.6cm
Width: 20.3cm
Thickness: 13mm
Paddle Shape: Hybrid
Designed for beginners and occasional players
Fibreglass material with a high-strength and low weight property
Hybrid shape which optimises touch and feel alongside power and reach
Power-focused 13 mm thickness that feels slightly stiffer and easy to manoeuvre
Longer handle length for players who prefer hitting with two-handed backhands