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Wilson Fierce Max Pickleball Paddle

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Immerse yourself in the excitement of one of the world's fastest-growing sports with Wilson's Fierce Max Pickleball Paddle, offering all-around playability and an engaging design. Tailored for beginner to intermediate players, the paddle's generous sweet spot and responsive core ensure successful shots, even with slightly off-centre contact. The 13mm thickness and textured fibreglass face deliver responsiveness from any part of the court, allowing you to master a variety of shots. Equipped with a hybrid handle that accommodates two-handed backhands without sacrificing manoeuvrability, and featuring a standard shape that provides the best of both worlds in terms of sweet spot and natural power, this paddle is an excellent choice for players looking to enjoy easy, all-around playability. The Wilson Fierce range is a collection designed specifically for beginner-to-intermediate players seeking a comfortable, all-around pickleball paddle.

Head Size: 465 sq cm
Weight: 234g
Length: 40.6cm
Width: 20.3cm
Thickness: 13mm
Paddle Shape: Hybrid
Beginner-to-intermediate players looking for a comfortable, all-around pickleball paddle
Textured Fibreglass lightweight and strong materials
Hybrid shape which optimises touch and feel alongside power and reach
Power-focused 13 mm thickness that feels slightly stiffer and easy to manoeuvre
Longer handle length for players who prefer hitting with two-handed backhands