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Tecnifibre Wall Master X-Top 370 Padel Racket

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The Tecnifibre Wall Master X-Top 370 Padel Racquet is designed for high-performance players at the top of the game. It has been designed in a round shape for maximum precision and control. Made from special TEI carbon fibre, it maximises shock absorption upon impact for a more comfortable feel. The head is covered with a "Spin Skin rough" relief for maximum spin. PHD drilling pattern with holes of 3 different diameters to maximise precision in the centre and forgiveness on off-centre hits at the ends. A unique innovation from Tecnifibre, the racquet head is designed with "X-TOP" technology, a mix of the strongest aramid fibres covered with a PTFE treatment to reduce abrasion. Innovative technology, built for performance.

Maximising your precision with the Tecnifibre Wall Master X-Top 370 Padel Racquet

For Top-Level Competitors
Precision and Control
Comfortable and Durable
High-Performance & Elegant Design
Round Shape 
X-Top - Unique Racquet Head Construction for Improved Durability
From Player to Product - Designed in Collaboration with Professional Players 
Arch Bridge - Design to Increase Frame Flexibility for High Precision and Stability
XTC by TEI - Specific Weaving of Fibres for Shock Dispersion at Ball Impact
PHD Progressive Holes Diameter - Playability Precision on Centered Hits, Tolerance on Off-Centered Hits
Spin Skin Rough - Sanded Paint for Rugged Surface for Best Ball Grip
Material: Graphite / Aramid
Balance: 265mm 
Lenght: 455mm
Weight: 370g